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Politti Ashcraft has studied bellydance for over 20 years, with a strong focus on the beautiful and varied styles of Tribal Style Bellydance. Inspired by the diverse cultures of the world, her progressive dance style is an engaging blend of the sacred and contemporary, by way of fluid movement and grace.

In her quest for bellydance knowledge, Politti has studied with some of the most talented and gracious dancers in the industry. She continues to learn and grow in her dance by frequently promoting and attending bellydance workshops and festivals in and around the So. Cal area. Politti is also a bit of a “Pilates Junkie” and is fascinated with how the body works - Especially the mind-body connection that is so important in creating strong and beautiful dancers.

Politti has earned her General Skills for ATS® (American Tribal Style®) Bellydance AND ATS® Teacher Certifications from Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman, director & founder of FatChanceBellyDance®. She has also completed and passed her BASI (Body Arts & Science International) Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Program.

Politti strives to honor the community aspect of the dance in her bellydance classes along with an emphasis on studying this art form as a discipline. She enjoys instilling her students with a passion for the dance, just as her teachers before her did.

Those who have deeply touched Politti's life and encourage her art include:

All of her dedicated students and dance partners: past, present and future
Ariellah: A constant inspiration and friend
Carolena Nericcio: The source
Princess Farhana: For giving "face" and inspiring more glitter
Krisha Kazimira: First bellydance “Mama”
Mr. Martz (Politti's dad): Always there to support his “crazy artistic daughter”
FH: The love of her life


Politti dedicates her dance to the memory of her mother.
























































"I have known Politti for many years, photographed many of her showcases, and known many of her students. I have found it a wonderful experience to see these students as they came into her classes new, barely knowing anything, and emerged as professional belly dancers. It's been a real treat working with her, and seeing the wonderful results on her students. Not only that, Politti has had a very positive impact on the belly dance community by organizing many shows, some of the best shows in the region, and by disseminating the many benefits and the beauty of belly dance.
It is one of my greatest honors to know her, to call her friend, and to have seen many of her works and the results of her teaching first hand. "
~ Richard Lowe, Jr.

“Politti is a really great instructor. You can tell that she really knows her stuff. She does an awesome job at breaking down the movements and explaining them, which makes it easy for a beginner like me to follow.” ~ Addrienne, student


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